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photo (5)Recent Updates:

September 2022: I’m pleased to be joining Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection as a Postdoctoral Fellow. I will be working to catalog the photographs of the Kerr collection, which were donated by Justin Kerr to DO in 2013. 

October 2021: My article about Peirce’s philosophy in archaeological theory is out in the Annual Review of Anthropology. Read it here

February, 2021: My co-edited special issue of the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (with John Millhauser) about the Archaeology of Money, Debt, and Finance is now available online. Check out the issue and our introduction here

October, 2020: The paperback edition of our book Political Strategies in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica is available to order or read online here

November, 2019: I was elected to the board of the Society for Economic Anthropology as an archaeological representative. Click here to learn more about the SEA. 

October, 2019: The revised edition of my book Patron Gods and Patron Lords is available in paperback. Order it here.

May, 2018: My article, “Making money in Mesoamerica: Currency production and procurement in the Classic Maya financial system” is now available online from the journal Economic Anthropology. Read it here

January, 2018: My article, “Ancient Monetization: the Case of Classic Maya Textiles” is now available online from the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. Print version comes out in March of 2018. Read it here.

August, 2017: I’ve taken a faculty position at BHSEC Newark, part of the Bard Early College Network.

My book Patron Gods and Patron Lords is available in print. Order it here.

My volume Political Strategies in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, edited together with Sarah Kurnick, is now in print (2016). Order it on Amazon!

Below I have posted some of my work:

La Florida, Guatemala:

New Research at La Florida (Mexicon) (2016)

La Florida: a Classic Maya River Port (2015)

La Florida/Namaan (2014)

National Geographic Explorer’s Journal Blog Post  (2014)

Check out the “Projects” page for more.

 Classic Maya patron deities:

Read my Signs and Society article “Metapragmatics in Archaeological Analysis: Interpreting Classic Maya Patron Deity Veneration” here:

Conference papers:

Patron Deities in Yucatan (2013)

Linguistic and Material Aspects of Patron Deity Veneration (2013)

Dioses Patrones de la Corona (2012)

Community Gods and Community Conflicts (2012)

Classic Maya Deity Categories (2011)

Co-authored conference papers on La Corona archaeology and epigraphy:

Un Esquema de la Historia y Epigrafia de La Corona

Entro el Agua